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Signs Of A Bad Transmission

Brakes make up an important part of your vehicle as they allow you to stop and maintain control.
We only use quality parts and follow manufacturer specs when servicing your brakes as your safety is our priority.

  • Transmission Slipping

    Are you noticing your car's engine revving during a gear change? What about a delay when trying to accelerate?
    These are a couple symptoms of a trans that's slipping and needs to be checked out. 

  • Rough Shifting

    Feeling you vehicle is refusing to change gears or the shifts aren't very smooth?
    Most people notice a "clunk" or "thud" when the car shifts gears along with difficulty in getting up to speed. This indicates there is a serious problem with the transmission going on and needs to be serviced. 

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  • Delayed Engagement (Automatics)

    When shifting from Park and into Drive, do you notice a long pause where the engine revs as you give it gas, but does not move forward?

  • Transmission Fluid Leak

    For the most part, transmissions are sealed units and should never leak fluid. Dark red or brownish spots on your driveway or garage floor could indicate a leaking transmission. Before you try refilling your vehicles' transmission, you must know the correct type of fluid to use and do not overfill as this can create a bigger transmission issue.

At Marvin's Tire Shop & Auto Repair we provide transmission services for most models and makes of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.
We are a well established auto repair shop and have experienced techs ready to help you with your transmissions repairs and rebuilds. We have the latest transmission inspection tools to accurately diagnose your trans issue backed with our expertise, your vehicle will receive the best care and service right here in Rockford and surrounding area.

Keep Your Transmission Healthy

These tips can help keep your transmission running smoothly and in tip-top shape.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Just like engine oil, the transmission fluid needs to be changed along with a filter change for most automatic transmissions. The miles at which the fluid should be changed varies by manufacturer, if unsure, let us know when was the last time you had the trans fluid changed and we can guide you.

Stop Before Shifting From Reverse To Drive

Anytime you're in reverse, be sure to completely stop before shifting into drive. The gears inside the trans work and spin differently, a forced shift (or pre-stop shift) can cause grinding and can lead to serious damage. 

Don't Ride The Brakes

Driving with your foot pressing on the brake pedal forces your transmission to work harder; not to mention wearing out your brakes sooner.

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Thinking Your Having Tranny Issues?

Don't gamble with your transmission.
Call or come in with any questions, we'll work closely with you to resolve any transmission issues you may be experiencing.