Car And Truck Engine Repair

Professional and Honest Engine Repair in Rockford, IL

Are You Experiencing Any Of These

  • Check Engine Light On

    That annoying engine light can be a sign of a serious problem and could lead to more serious issues of not taken care of right away.

  • Oil Leaks Or Puddles

    Noticing oil or other fluids on the ground near your car?
    Bring your vehicle in and let's take a look

  • Hard or No Starts

    Designed for best traction in snow with unique compounds that help retain the tire's flexibility in sever cold conditions.

engine repair service
  • Running Rough Or Weird Noises

    Designed for tackling corners and for better handling at higher speeds.

  • Strange Smells

    Conquer mud, dirt, sand, and trails with all-terrain tires built for adventure seekers.

  • Black Or Blue Smoke

    For competition and track use only!
    These high performance tires are made to stick and aid in running your best time yet.

Great Service & Honest Pricing

Have your engine fixed right the first time

Diagnosing The Problem

We have the tech and know-how to properly diagnose your engine troubles. We perform tests using the proper equipment, combine that with our knowledge, we are able to accurately identify the problem and provide you with the best solution. 

Servicing American, Foreign And Luxury Vehicles

Our experience, skills and updated shop allows us to service a wide variety of cars and trucks. Rest assured, your vehicle will be in good hands and repaired correctly the first time.

Great Service and Honest Pricing

Aside from our locally known reputation for having the best service around, we provide our customers with the best pricing for your repairs. We have no interest in placing our reputation at risk, so our quotes are reasonable and we're happy to share our honest opinions about your repairs.

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