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Quick and Affordable Brake Service in Rockford, IL

What Does A Brake Job Consist Of?

Brakes make up an important part of your vehicle as they allow you to stop and maintain control.
We only use quality parts and follow manufacturer specs when servicing your brakes as your safety is our priority.

  • Brake Pads

    When you push down on your brake pedal, this pushes the brake pads against the rotors, creating friction and enabling you to stop. Overtime, the material wears down and eventually they need to be replaced.

  • New Hardware

    Hardware, such as guide pins and shims, loose their ability to maintain a noise-free braking experience overtime. It's recommended to replace the hardware whenever new brakes are installed.

Brake Service & Repair - Caps Garage - Loves Park IL
  • Brake Rotors/Drums

    Brake rotors are the round disks behind your wheels.
    Usually they need replacing because they wear down past the minimum thickness requirement for safe braking and traveling. We check for thickness and depending on this number we'll advise you if they need to be replaced. 

  • Proper Lubrication & Brake Pressure

    Probably the number 1 reason why brakes fail or wear out too soon is inefficient lubricant. We only use quality and tested materials. We'll also check for proper brake pressure when servicing your brakes to ensure proper working order of brake components.

Our customers are very important to us, therefore, we only use top quality brakes and keep our pricing very affordable.
We're a highly experienced team and we'll have you back on the road with your new set of brakes quickly in a no-pressure environment.
At Caps Garage, we are all about the experience. If you suspect you need brakes, bring your car or truck in and we'll inspect them and determine if you really need brakes or give you and estimate of how much longer they'll last.

Our Pledge To Keep Your Car Running Smooth & Family Safe

Not all cars and trucks require the same kind of oil, they all have their specific uses and vary depending on a number of factors.

Professional Brake Repair

We're experienced and have the proper tools to service a variety of makes and models. Not all cars are serviced the same as each manufacture has its own set of specs to follow. Rest assured your vehicle will be handled as if it were our own.

Excellent Quality Service

Our reputation is very important to us and believe Rockford deserves to have a reputable and honest car repair shop - That's what we are about.

No-Fuss Environment

Our goal is to provide the best auto repair experience around. That includes not being pushed into unnecessary repairs or up-sells. Everyone who brings their vehicles to us is considered family and expect to be treated like family.

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